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 Grugnor-Lvl 80 Fury Warrior

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PostSubject: Grugnor-Lvl 80 Fury Warrior   Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:36 pm

Character name: Grugnor
First name: David
Class: Warrior
Level: 80
Primary spec: Fury
Secondary spec: Prot
Willing to respec for the guild as needed (y/n): Prefer not to, reasoning can be given if you would like at a later time
Level of comfort and content knowledge for your class as a whole (high, medium, low): Very High
How knowledgeable are you of your role across classes (Ex: if you are a holy priest, how much do you know about resto druids?): A little bit, I know the most about Mages/DK's/Warriors

Level of content knowledge across all classes (ex: if you are a DPS DK, how much do you know about disc priests?): A little bit
Professions: Engineering/Mining/First Aid/Cooking
Armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Boulderfist&n=Grugnor
Are you more comfortable following or leading? I have lead guilds, raids and heroics, but am just as comfortable sitting back and doing what I am told
Would you be willing and able to lead 10 man guild raids? Sure, although having not lead a raid since BC it might take me a couple mins to get back into the swing of it
What actions do you take on a regular basis to improve your individual play? I am constantly watching videos and reading forums about the actual play of my class, and then on top of that I spend quite a bit of time going over variations of gear and gems and enchants using Landsouls DPS Calculator from ElitestJerks.

Tell us about how you like to play WoW (ex: are you competitive, sociable, reserved, deliberate, etc.): I like seeing the meters but don't need to rub them in anyones face whether I be high or low on them. I just enjoy the game for it being a game. if questions are asked and I have an answer I will give it, sometimes I BS, but tend to keep it to a minimum during raids.

Current/previous guild (and server if different from US-Boulderfist): Dark Hand of Justice, Secretion, Flawless Victory, HEL, ORLY, Trucido, Artifice, Regardless, various others

Reason for leaving current/previous guild: Current guild is constantly failing and have changed loot rules as well as me not being able to be ontime for Raid and having to sit out. Other guilds was mainly from guild stagnation or flat out breaking up.
Raiding experience (WoW, BC, WotLK): WoW @ 60 through UBRS, since 80 though I have cleared all but AQ-40, BC through BT(never downed Vashj or KT) didn't do Sunwell, WotLK I have made attempts at all bosses aside from Algalon successfully downing all but Yogg.

Raid time availability: 5:30-10 Server
Life stuff that will take you away from raiding (ex: I'm an ambulance driver and am always on call): College Basketball home games(I run the jumbotrons), any overtime at work, a surgery next month for 3 days, a couple small vacations.

Internet connection: Comcast Cable(I hate them but they are the best we have here)
Raid consumables you use (ex: speed pot, inde pot, endless rage flask): Always have flask and food, sometimes I will bring additional pots
Do you make enough gold to support yourself (i.e., cover repairs, mats for upgrading gear)? Yep, might take me a day or two for some of the expensive stuff but I make it happen

What would you like Taken to do for you? Just looking for a raiding guild that is making some progress, I would like to work through some hard modes and of course the new content. The less drama the better as I have better things to do than to listen to everyone complain that something isn't their fault(just man up and take responsibility for yoursefl).

What you expect to accomplish as a member of Taken: Being a member of the team, working through the content, adding what I can when it is asked of me
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Grugnor-Lvl 80 Fury Warrior
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