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 Hard Mode Iron Council (25 man)

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PostSubject: Hard Mode Iron Council (25 man)   Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:19 pm

TankSpot Strat-in-action


Ensidia-adapted Strat

Supercharge - This is an ability that applies to all 3 mobs. When one of them dies the other(s) will gain a 25% damage bonus and an additional ability. This means that when two are dead the last member will gain a 50% increase.

-Steelbreaker (large)-
Fusion Punch - This is a huge 35k nature damage hit that places a DoT on the target for 4 seconds that does an addional 20k damage every 1 second. The DoT is however dispellable.
High Voltage - Aura that does 3k damage to your entire raid every 3 seconds
Static Disruption - This ability only occurs after the Small mob has been killed. Targeted AoE that does 7k damage to all players within 6 yards of the targeted player. Will not target people in melee if ranged are available. It also places a stacking debuff that increases Nature damage by 75% for 20 seconds.
Overwhelming Power - Only occurs when Steelbreaker is the last one standing. Targets the current highest threat player and causes them to deal 200% more damage but at the end of the 30 second duration the player will gain Meltdown (see below).
Meltdown - Once Overwhelming Power completes casting, the player is killed and deals 30k damage to anyone standing nearby. You cannot stop this player from dying.
Electrical Charge - If someone in your raid dies when Steelbreaker is the only mob remaining then he will heal for 15% of his health and gain 25% damage (stacks). The healing effect can be reduced with healing debuffs such as Mortal Strike.

-Runemaster Molgeim (medium)-
Rune of Power - Generates a blue "rune" on the ground that buffs anyone standing in it with 50% more damage. The radius is 5 yards but be aware that this also buffs any of the council members who may be standing in it.
Shield of Runes - A damage absorbing shield (50k) and increases damage done by 50% for 15 seconds. This buff should be spellstolen by mages ideally, you can just Purge or Dispel it if you don't have a mage (u should have one!)
Rune of Death - This occurs only once the Small mob has died. Creates a huge green "void zone" on the ground that does 7k damage per second on anyone standing in it, move fast!

-Stormcaller Brundir (small)-
Chain Lightning - Does around 6k Nature damage on up to 5 targets within 10 yards of each other. Since this is interruptable you should be able to stop most since your entire raid will be damaging him right from the start.
Overload - 6 second channeled spell that once completed does 25k damage to anyone standing within 20 yards of him. Just move away and you won't take damage.

Preparation and Positioning
-Raid Setup-
2 tanks
MT japam on steelbreaker (do not move while casting fusion punch)
OT hasashi on brundir and molgeim
5-6 healers (2 dispellers on steelbreaker tank)
2+ Resto druids
1 paly
1 disc priest
1 holy priest or resto shaman
(1 holy priest)
Stack destro locks and mages if possible for BL, rune, CDs
overall balance is good

Shaman put down nature resist totems

-Positioning and Assignments-
Ranged spread out (to mitigate rune of death and static disruption)
Holy paly and resto shaman healing MT dispelling fusion punch; Resto druids and disc priest on OT+raid
Disc priest and holy paly on MT dispelling fusion punch; holy priest on OT+raid

The Fight
Brundir (not a dps race)
Interrupt chain lightning
DPS always in a rune of power, tanks get bosses just outside of runes so melee can use
Holy paly time dispels so that fusion punch doesn’t tick and other MT healer heals right when fusion punch is cast to mitigate the dmg

Molgeim (not a dps race)
SPREAD OUT (/range); range do not worry about rune of power, healers should never be in rune of power
If you get rune of death, use healthstone if you get low
As he gets low (20%), position molgeim behind steelbreaker so that the rune wont spawn on him and wait for fresh rune of power before killing molgeim
Use felhunter to break rune buff on molgeim

BL, speed pots, CDs, wild magic pots
CD rotation (Japam, hasashi, japam, hasashi, smokee)
Tank CDs
Pain suppression
Divine sac
Guardian spirit
Res the MT tank (druid glyph of rebirth or soulstone), rebuff
Res OT if needed
Healers spread out to avoid static disruption by spacing 6+ yards apart
After rune of power despawns, ranged dps spread out

If 3rd tank needed, smokee pop into bear form

Adapted from <http://www.ensidia.com/home/guides/iron-council/>

Questions, comments, concerns?

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PostSubject: Re: Hard Mode Iron Council (25 man)   Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:14 pm

leave brittney alone
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Hard Mode Iron Council (25 man)
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