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 Max DPS Opinions

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PostSubject: Max DPS Opinions   Max DPS Opinions Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 7:50 pm

What do you guys think about max dps?

I think affliction is the best dps as long as you have a chance exactly every 8-12 seconds to recast haunt. If you don't get that opportunity for some reason, I think your dps sucks balls and you might as well be demo.

I don't really have a rotation, because I think haste and instant shadowbolts mess it up, I just don't clip any dots, keep as many up as I can and always cast unstable affliction and immolate right after each other. The glyphs I use are immolate, siphon life and agony/corruption (i dont know if agony or corruption is better).

Really I'd like to know if you guys have any methods to improve dps either through rotations or opinions on different specs in different situations.
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Max DPS Opinions
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