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 Aeyris : 80 Priest

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PostSubject: Aeyris : 80 Priest   Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:51 pm

Thanks for looking!

Character name: Aeyris
Level: 80
Class: Priest
Spec: Disc

Why did you choose this spec:
I did some reading after 3.0 and saw that disc was a viable PvE spec and was eager to try it since it would be a nice change from the entirety of the rest of my WoW career. (greaterhealgreaterhealgreaterheal) I have found that I really enjoy it, and though it suffers a bit in raid healing, I have been able to make do so far. With the upcoming change to Prayer of healing in 3.1, I am even more enthused about disc. So I guess basically I first tried it just to try something different and ended up falling in love with it.

Willing to respec when needed:
Definitely, though I admit I have been working on a holy, spirit-ish set only half-heartedly and my entire shadow set consists of a Sulfur Stave. I prefer healing though, so I wouldn't be too happy about having to go shadow. I am aware that my current disc spec is not optimal, I just specced that way when I first hit 80 and before they changed reflective to only be for the priest who cast it. I haven't found myself struggling in raids or 5-mans at all so I just haven't bothered to respec. Let my cost drop a bit. Razz

Tailoring: 435
Jewlcrafting: 428

Armory Link:

Next item in your current gear that you are upgrading to:
My pve bracers are the only thing I'm wearing that aren't level 80, so they would probably be first. I'll upgrade that to http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44200 since that's the rep I've been working on lately.

And what are you doing to make that upgrade happen:
In all honesty, the pugs and the raids I've been doing lately have seemed really easy, and I've done well with the gear I've been wearing so I haven't aggresively been trying to gear up. Just sorta sat back and waited to see what dropped. If I were accepted to raid, I'm sitting on almost 200 emblems and would upgrade my offhand, second trinket and bracers right away. After that I'd have to read up on helm and neck upgrades, and redo my gems and enchants.
And start the sons of hodir chain. >.>

Current Guild: Homestarmy

Previous Guild: None, I have only ever been in Homestarmy.

Why are you leaving:
The guild is a RL friend guild and we try to keep that friendly, casual atmosphere, but an unfortunate side-effect of that when it comes time to raid, one or two people not being able to make it can pretty much mean the raid doesn't happen. I missed the opportunity to see the BC raid instances other than Kara and ZA and am not looking to repeat that. I'd also like to roll with a skilled and organized raid to test my mettle and see if I really am as good as I seem to think I am.

Raiding experience pre-bc/post-bc:
In vanilla WoW I did ZG once and AQ20 once, but downed only one boss in each - I spent all my time pvping back in those days.
In BC, I was raid-lead for our one and only Karazhan group. The only 25 man I did was Gruul for a variety of reasons. I did all of ZA as well, which I led a portion of.
The biggest reasons for my lack of raid experience beyond these is that I refused to leave my guild, and by the time a lot of the early 25s were being pugged, I was experiencing burnout and started leveling alts.
I've been through all of Naxx 10 once, and through two wings of 25, have not had the opportunity to tank Razuvious though. I've pugged Heroic Sarth+0, and have some experience with Malygos though I have not been present for a kill. I know all the fights.

Raid time availability :
I understand from your recruitment post that you guys raid W,Th, Su, and M 6-1130-ish. I take night classes and Wednesday is the only day I can't make.


RL Stuff that gets in the way of raiding:
I'm finishing my bachelor's and taking classes at night and my schedule changes every quarter. This quarter I have class Tues and Wed. I cannot predict the availabilty of my future classes.

Wow addons do you use:
Pitbull, grid, dbm, bartender, clique, quartz - I use more but those do not affect play.

Net connection stats:
I'm not sure what info you're looking for exactly but my ping is about 100ms consistently, and anything else I can probably find out for you if you want to know.

I am attuned for everything in the game that I can think of at this moment, but i do not have the thing from KT to start the fight with Malygos.

Raid consumables you would currently use:
I've been using Flask of Pure Mojo and the 16mp5/40 stam foods for important fights. But otherwise I'm trying to use up all the golden fishsticks I have leftover from BC.
Months behind fish is not as tasty. No

2+6= Cool

What are you expecting from our guild:
A competent, organized raid group with solid leadership, fair distribution of loot, and a braveheart speech before every raid to fire us up! FREEDOM!

Why should Taken take you:
I'm always open to advice and criticism, good at communicating during raids, very aware during fights, and always looking for ways to be a better player. I'm confident about my skill but I try not to be an egotistical jerk, and I like to help other people if I can.
I enjoy healing.

If you'd like to know anything else, I'm happy to answer any questions either here or in-game. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.
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PostSubject: Re: Aeyris : 80 Priest   Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:47 am

You are spamming pentance over greater heal right?
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PostSubject: Re: Aeyris : 80 Priest   Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:52 am

Of course, but it's something new I get to spam!
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PostSubject: Re: Aeyris : 80 Priest   

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Aeyris : 80 Priest
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