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 app for ele shammy

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PostSubject: app for ele shammy   Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:42 pm

Character name: Sindur
Spec: elemental
Why did you choose this spec: always loved elemental and enhance. played 2 casters before this so elemental seemed a fluid changeover
Willing to respec when needed: of course
Proffessions: max herb, enough inscription for self shoulder inscripts
Armory Link: Sindur currently it shows me as a crappy pvp resto spec.
Next item in your current gear that you are upgrading too: my blue +hit trinket (last damn fail piece of gear)
and what are u doing to make that upgrade happen : doing naxx and praying to god for a drop.
Current Guild: Incursio
Previous Guild: leveled in thunderstruck, good friend is the GM
Why are u leaving: they raid during peak times, when my connection is the worst ( 6 - 8 )
Raiding experience pre-bc/post-bc: vanilla: everything up to horsemen, BC: everything except sunwell and late BT with my old mains, priest and mage.
Raid time availability : 3 days after 7PM, 3 days unavailable, then 6 days available all day (i work shift work at a Mine in BC canada)
Age: 25
RL Stuff that gets in the way of raiding( ex. I work on an ambulance and am always on call) : i work 6 on 6 off, alot of guilds frown upon the working man. i live in the middle of the rocky mountains and have to deal with the best internet available until a better connection is offered (which has been promised soon)
Wow addons do you use: recount, quartz cast bars
Net connection stats: avg ping is 400 but gets alot better later at night
Attunements: on this char (which was an alt) MC
Raid consumables you would currently use(bc list is fine till xpac): orca stew crit food and SP flask
2+6= math is for asians?
What are you expecting from our guild: nothing expected. acceptance isn't even expected. i realize my app isnt the most favorable but i'm willing to try.
Why should Taken take you: cause i'm fuckin awesome. that and every guild needs a dude who doesnt shut up in gchat.
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PostSubject: Re: app for ele shammy   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:21 am

sindur wrote:
Why are u leaving: they raid during peak times, when my connection is the worst ( 6 - 8 )

UM....we raid during those times....
wed, thurs, sun, mon

but other then that i have grouped with sindur in the past pre-WotLK....and he was always a good shammy
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app for ele shammy
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