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 Raid attendance...

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PostSubject: Raid attendance...   Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:50 pm

yea yea i kno there's a thread where your supposed to post if your not going to make it to raid's... however it's under admin rights and i was unable to post there. therefore i posted here Shocked

anyways... these past couple of days been really fun.. but alas the holidays will be over soon and the dread of going back to work looms ahead of me. pale so as for making raids... sunday doesn't look to good... we all know how much it sucks balls going to work on monday, but it sucks so much more with lack of sleep... Sleep ...as for during the week, its situational~ work/gf... but i'm pretty sure i'll be able to attend 2 if not 3 raids a week.

Happy Holidays peeps... and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Raid attendance...
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