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PostSubject: MALYGOS(important)   Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:20 pm

Hi guys...

I agree that we were having some problems with malygos yesterday and that some people were stil dying to the arcane breath ( after the vortex). Besides that,We were using a strategy that involved me and Filler to pull the sparks to us and hence stack em up. Another strategy that I would suggest is the one where the Tank moves instead of the dps. I watched a few videos and it seems that the easiest strat would be that because all the sparks move towards malygos. If the tank moves malygos so that the spark will be laid down in the same spot all the time, It would help the dps a lot.

Now with respect to the arcane breath after vortex, I noticed that everyone lands facing same direction after vortex . The easiest strat to avoid deaths would be to have everyone land and move back from where u face. The tank obviously moves forward.

The video

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