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 Marduk Destro Warlock

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PostSubject: Marduk Destro Warlock   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:12 am

Character name: Marduk
Level: 80
Class: Warlock
Spec: 3/13/55
Why did you choose this spec: Destro is pretty OP atm.
Willing to respec when needed: Yes
Proffessions: 450 Engineering and 450 Enchanting
Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Boulderfist&n=Marduk
Next item in your current gear that you are upgrading too: T9.25 shoulders, i have the pants in the bank already.
and what are u doing to make that upgrade happen : have accumulated 100 Emblems of triumph and attended all 25man raids in my current guild.
Current Guild: Symbolic
Previous Guild: None
Why are u leaving: I would like to be a part of a guild that is more eager to progress and has good organization.
Raiding experience pre-bc/post-bc:
Raid time availability : Mon-Thur. 6-10 works for me!
Age: 26
RL Stuff that gets in the way of raiding( ex. I work on an ambulance and am always on call) : work on wknds. and school in the morning on weekdays, but that doesn't conflict with your Raid Schedule.
Wow addons do you use: DBM, Omen, Dot Timer
Net connection stats: DSL, pretty stable
Attunements: N/A
Raid consumables you would currently use(bc list is fine till xpac): Flask of frostwyrm.
What are you expecting from our guild: Organization, Progressions, fair minded leadership.
Why should Taken take you: I'm a good warlock even though I just hit 80 not too long ago. Pre-Wotlk I was a raiding Lock as alliance since vanilla. I follow directions, know my class, show up on time and prepared. (Flasks, Repaired, etc.)
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Marduk Destro Warlock
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